Does the 3 years of service requirement for officers include time spent as an enlisted service member?

Yes, prior enlisted time counts towards the 3-year service eligibility requirement. NOTE: This article is in reference to NAVADMIN [...]

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Contact the Navy College Virtual Education Center by one of the following: Chat with a counselor (during business hours): Submit a Help Request Ticket: a chat with a counselor by texting 877-838-1659 Call the NCVEC (during business hours): 833-330-MNCC (6622) Option 3 "Education & Training" then option 1 "Navy TA& [...]

Who is my Command Approver

Your Command Approver must be your Commanding Officer or designated “By Direction Authority.” Enter your Command Approver’s email in the appropriate space on the TA/NCPACE DL Application carefully to ensure the correct person receives it. Applications must be Command Approved electronically in My Education between 120 and 14 days preceding your institution’s published [...]

Caps for TA

Payment for tuition will not exceed the following caps for authorized courses: • $250.00 per semester hour • $166.67 per quarter hour • $16.67 per clock hour (for approved certificate/diploma programs only) Beginning 1 October 2019 IAW NAVADMIN 114/19:• Enlisted members and officers must have a minimum of two years of service.• Fiscal year cap of 12 semester hours, [...]