Reimbursing the Navy for TA Course

Do I have to reimburse the Navy for my tuition assistance funded course?

If you receive a "collectable grade," NETPDC TA Accounting will send a letter of indebtedness to you via your CO. You will receive a follow up email from DFAS with instructions to provide electronic reimbursement via You can choose to resolve your debt utilizing within 45 days from the date of the email notification from DFAS. After the 45 days has expired a military payroll deduction will be processed. You will not be eligible for TA/NCPACE until the first payment has posted to your record. The following are considered "collectable grades" and require repayment:

  • D or lower grades for undergraduate courses
  • C or lower grades for graduate level courses
  • non-passing (N) grades
  • incomplete (I) grades in effect longer than six months
  • voluntary withdrawal (W) grades without an approved reimbursement waiver

For more information regarding TA/NCPACE reimbursements, submit an inquiry via Issue Tracker found in MyNavy Education and request assistance.

Note: If you have received a non-passing grade and wish to reimburse the government prior to receipt of your official notice, you may do so by requesting a manual e-bill.

The e-bill will only be good for 45 days at which time those who have not paid via PAY.GOV the e-bill will be cancelled. Once cancelled the only other option for repayment is by payroll offset.

To place a request for an e-bill, please log into MyNavy Education and submit a ticket (select Grades/Reimbursements) via the Issue Tracker.

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