MyNavy Education Technical Issues Troubleshooting Tips

I am not able to login to MyNavy Education. I received an error in MyNavy Education. I am having technical issues and not able to submit my TA/NCPACE DL application.

MyNavy Education Technical Assistance Troubleshooting Tips


For “Page Cannot Be Displayed”, “General Error”, Blank Page, 404 Error, 403 Error, Etc…


1.  MyNavy Education will time out after 30 minutes (if you are actively in the site or not).  To resolve, completely close your browser (all tabs) and log back in. 


2. Use correct link:

(Link is also under the "menu" on the homepage of NCP website.)


3. Clear browsing history:


Chrome:  Customize and Control (three dots top right corner) > Settings > Advanced > Clear Browsing History > Time range = All Time > Ensure ALL boxes are checked > Clear Data > Close All Windows


4.  If one browser does not work, try the other AFTER clearing all history and using correct link.


5. Instead of CAC login, use your DOD ID (number on back of CAC).


6.  If still does not work, Clear SSL State


7. Add to Compatibility Mode



8. Turn Off Pop-Up Blocker



For system issues with My Education, submit a Help Request,,  (select "My Education Technical Issues" as the category to expedite a response).  Our technical team will answer your inquiry within 3 business days.


For SAS, SWIM Errors:

This type of error is a result of DEERS not syncing correctly with My Education.  When the DEERS server is down, your information cannot be authenticated which My Education uses to log you in the system.  It occasionally happens to specific areas at different times.  Eventually DEERS will sync and allow you access.  Unfortunately, we (Navy College) cannot fix the problem since it's coming from the DEERS servers.  The server does keep track of instances when members are trying to access a Navy system using DEERS which allows their developers to identify and correct it.  When we have reported this issue to them in the past, their response is to keep trying at different times and eventually it will sync. You can also try using your DOD ID # instead of CAC login.   If your term is starting soon and not able to submit a TA application, we can add a note to your record to ensure your issue is documented.

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