Are Navy Reservists eligible for TA

Are Navy Reservists eligible for tuition assistance?

Reserve Enlisted personnel must be ordered to active duty for at last 120 consecutive days for tuition assistance (TA) eligibility. They must remain on active duty throughout the entire term of the TA funded course.

In accordance with NAVADMIN 214/21, you must have one year left on active duty from the start date of the course.

NAVADMIN 214/21 section 4 paragraph e

e. Enlisted Sailors with less than 16 years of service must have at least 12 months remaining from the course start date until their end of active obligated service (EAOS) or as extended. Reservists on active duty (AD) orders must have 12 months remaining from the course start date until the end date of AD orders. Contract extensions for AD Sailors are authorized subject to eligibility criteria in reference (e). Sailors selected for LDO or CWO, and selective reenlistment bonus eligible Sailors with approved Career Waypoints in-rate quotas may request a waiver of the 12-month requirement using issue tracker as described in paragraph 7.

Reserve Officers on active duty are eligible for TA only when they have orders to active duty extending two years beyond the expected completion date of any TA-funded course(s). This service obligation runs concurrently with any remaining obligated service time. The agreement does not obligate the military service to retain the officer on active duty.  See OPNAVINST 1560.9A dtd 4 MAR 2008 (page 3) and NETCINST 1560.3 dtd 20 JAN 2011 (page 2-1).

Submit a copy of your orders by submitting a VOLED Assistance Center help request. Be sure to select "TA Accounting" as the category to expedite a response.

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