Steps for TA

What are the steps to receive tuition assistance?


  1. Review pertinent NAVADMINs (
  2. Inform your chain of command of your interest to start or continue your education.
  3. Complete required training (once per lifetime/service career) Virtual Learning 101(completed in MyNavy Education)
  4. For each level of educational or academic pursuit (certificate, associate, bachelor, or master) funded by TA or NCPACE, receive academic counseling from either a Navy College Virtual Education Center (NCVEC) or overseas Navy College Office (NCO) counselor and establish an education plan.
  5. Upload, at a minimum, an "unofficial" education plan to your My Education record.  Contact the NCVEC to review/approve your education plan.
  6. Submit a TA/NCPACE DL Application within the MyNavy Education well in advance of the term start date (between 120 and 7 days preceding your AI’s published term start date). Ensure your command approves the electronic WebTA application no later than 14 days prior to the AI’s published term start date.
  7. After the Navy College Virtual Education Center (NCVEC) authorizes your TA/NCPACE DL Application, you will receive an email with a link to MyNavy Education. Select the authorized voucher and print, sign and forward the voucher to your Academic Institution for payment.

Review MyNavy Education for eligibility requirements: 

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