TA authorizations for language courses

Will TA fund language courses?

If the course is listed on a degree plan or can fulfill a general education or elective requirement, TA may fund a foreign language course. Also, per the DODI 1322.25 with Change 3,
“(1) Use of TA for non-degree oriented language courses is limited to those published by the USD(P&R) on the DoD Strategic Language List.

“(2) Dominant-in-the-force languages and languages deemed by the DoD as already having sufficient strategic capacity will not be funded under section 2007 of Reference (f), except for assignments outside the continental United States.”

TA is authorized for non-degree oriented language courses requested by a Sailor who is transferring to a foreign location or at a foreign location for the purpose of gaining proficiency in the host nation’s language. The following stipulations apply:

a. The institution of higher learning offering the language course must be an institution with a valid DOD MOU to receive TA funding.
b. The course must not be a Continuing Education Unit.
c. The Sailor must meet all other TA/NCPACE eligibility requirements.
d. The Sailor must have met with a Navy College counselor and have the language courses reflected on an Education Plan.
e. Non-degree oriented language courses paid for with TA/NCPACE count against the Sailor’s annual TA/NCPACE cap.

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