Incompletion of TA Course

What happens if my military commitments or personal emergency prevent me from completing my TA funded course?

There are two types of waivers, Involuntary Withdrawal (W) Reimbursement Waivers or TA/NCPACE Policy Waivers. Waivers may be granted for specific situations.

Waivers for Involuntary Withdrawal (W) Grades

If you receive a "W" grade, you can request a waiver of the reimbursement through your chain of command. The withdrawal must be for one of the following reasons:

  • Permanent Change of Station (PCS)
  • Temporary Additional Duty (TAD)
  • Emergency Leave
  • Operational Commitments
  • Hospitalization

To request a waiver of reimbursement, log into MyNavy Education and submit an Inquiry through the Issue Tracker.

NOTE: Only "W" grades are eligible for a reimbursement waiver. If you are unable to complete a course for one of the above reasons, follow your academic institution's procedures to withdraw from the course. Sailors are strongly encouraged to communicate with their chain of command, Navy College Education Counselor, and school advisor when issues arise affecting successful course completion.

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