Does the Navy Pay for SAT/ACT Exams

Does the Navy pay for SAT/ACT exams?

CONUS Sailors

Beginning July 1, 2016, Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education (DANTES) will provide an optional payment method for Service members via reimbursement for tests taken at ACT and SAT National and International Test Centers. Service members will be required to pay for the ACT and SAT tests up-front during registration; the ACT and SAT test fee may be funded on an after-the-fact reimbursable basis when taken at National/International Test Center locations.

Note: Service members will be required to follow the Testing Agencies Policies and Requirements for National and International Registration, including adhering to the appropriate Test Calendar and registration timelines. See the CollegeBoard website register page for information.

DANTES does not fund or reimburse for the ACT Writing, SAT without Essay or the SAT Subject tests.

The Electronic Reimbursement Form is located on the DANTES website. Service members should select Examinations, Reimbursement Eligibility, then read the instructions and click on the “Electronic Reimbursement Form.” A valid Uniformed Services CAC is required to access the Reimbursement Center. Service members are required to upload both the official score report and payment receipt with all reimbursement requests in order to receive approval.

Service members are eligible for the reimbursement of two ACTs, and two SATs during their lifetime in service.

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OCONUS Sailors

OCONUS Navy College Offices provide testing services for ACT and SAT. Contact your Navy College Office for information on how to prepare and schedule the examination you need.