Do Officers have a Service Obligation when using TA

Do officers have a service obligation when using Navy Tuition Assistance?

Officers agree to a two-year service obligation from the completion date of the last tuition assistance (TA) funded course when they submit a WebTA application. This obligation runs concurrently with remaining obligated service time. Those who fail to serve the obligation must repay the TA funds expended on their behalf on a pro-rated basis.  The repayment report will be sent to NPC PERS-45 who will contact any Officers requiring repayment. See OPNAVINST 1560.9A dtd 4 MAR 2008 (page 7) and NETCINST 1560.3 dtd 20 JAN 2011 (page 2-1).


Does the officer have to repay TA for an Inter-Service Transfer?

Yes, they do have to repay because the service obligation is to the Navy. For the Officer to resign from the Navy to accept an interservice transafer, the Officer must go through SECNAV who makes final determination.

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