Cancellation of TA Course

I dropped a course; therefore, I do not need the TA voucher. How are the credits allocated back to me?

If you receive an authorized tuition assistance (TA) voucher and then drop the course, notify the NCVEC by one of the following methods to cancel the course(s):

  • Chat with a counselor (during business hours):
  • Submit a Help Request Ticket:
  • Send a text message from your mobile device (during business hours): 877-838-1659
  • Call the NCVEC (during business hours): 833-330-6622, option 3, option 1

Navy College Virtual Education Center hours are 0700-1900 eastern time.


NOTE:  The authorization voucher will remain open until cancelled.  Therefore, to prevent missing grade notifications and to ensure the credits are allocated back to you, contact the NCVEC right away to cancel the voucher.

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